uniGUI & SMS Light
Manage your own SMS Center


How it Works
This project has 2 apps: SMS Light, a VCL app that sends the SMS message connecting to your USB GSM Modem at your computer, and an uniGUI StandAlone APP, tha manage to connect to SMS Light and send isolated messages or batch (CSV) messages.
You might install SMS light in your computer and uniGUI project in your cloudserver and get both connected to send messages back and forth.
With little modifications, you can make a whole SMS Service center to provide sending batch messages to your clients. The limit here is you GSM Cellphone Chip plan limits for sending SMS. Note that some provides limit the amount of SMS sending or charges per sms sent ! Check this with your provider before any bitter surprises after sending thousand of SMS !
Resources and Features
Allows integration between uniGUI and USB GSM modem to send sms messages from your uniGUI App/Server via your local device using SMS Light connected to it.
  SMS Light, uses two separated methods to guarantee compatibility to all USB GSM modem devices available. Direct Serial port connection and Device Drive Connection.
  WE have 12 years material/experience working with SMS solutions. You can try it before buy it. Link below.
  All codes to SMS Light and uniGUI Server(is a VCL app thay integrates to uniGUI server via HTTP or socket).
  Import CSV list to send and generates delivery status in CSV format.
  No limits to send SMS. The limit/quantity is defined by your GSM Cellphone provider. Be aware !
  Best solution to service's automation, notifications, integration, site and tasks monitoring etc.

Perfect for two factor's authentication. All under your control. No complicated API or rest services.

  Use any GSM CHIP (3g, 4g 5g USB GSM Modem) and send SMS messages without paying fees to 3rd parties.
  We support the code published in all demos. But you SHOULD and MUST try the SMS Light with your GSM device !
  No hidden costs or fees. All code and projects are yours.
  Yes, we offer consultancy for adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
  Try DEMO vcl app (SMS Light) with your hardware BEFORE buy it.
  We do not provide support to GSM USB configuration and operation.
  We do not provide remote support configuration to your project with issues related to your hardware.
  The SMS Light App (is a VCL APP) will be running in your computer with your USB GSM device connected. Get this in mind ! It will receive request from the uniGUI Server (i.e: in your cloudserver) to send SMS messages and notify back if it was successful.
  Projects available to D10.3, D10.4 e D11.x - uniGUI x.x.1564 (tested).
Demo Videos
Demo 1 | Demo 2


$ 119,00 (USD) All source code to SMS Light (vcl app) / uniGUI Server
  Demo You can try before buy it ! Download the SMS Light APP and try in your USB GSM modem.
  If it work with your USB GSM Modem, you will have no problem at all ! Garantee.
  Demo version has no source codes. Binaries only and encoded string to avoid abuse.
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