uniGUI/VCL YouTube Download Videos
(no Paid API)

Resources and Features
Download youtube videos with several download and customization options. Just combine the options in YT-DLP.
  You can get all the public data of a video and a lot of information that is not displayed in the youtube interface.
  Hundreds (literally) of command options/features.
  Easily create server to embed in your app or a unique API.
  You can download video, only audio, combine both, set resolution, download only ThumbNail (or thumbnails) and dozens of other options and combinations.
  Download is extremely fast and much faster than ALL software on the market I have tried. See GitHUB.

Use the Windows cache to optimize downloads that had problems.

  It's not subscription, license... the code is yours!
  We support the code published in all demos.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Yes, we offer consultancy for adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
  Please: READ the YT-DLP documentation,make tests and get envolve their community. If your´re not familiar with this subject, PLEASE, I INSIST ! Don't Buy it from here/ME !
I just don't have time to give support to "newbies". My Support is only abou the examples and for those who paid for. My only asset is my time !
Demo Video

Video 1


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Downloads Demo version has no source codes. Binaries only.
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Other Countries, use PayPal.
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