uniGUI & WhatsApp - TWhatsAppBridges
(no Paid API)

Resources and Features
Allows integration between uniGUI and WhatsApp network using TInject and CEF4Delphi but without using third party API or REST component packages. Simple and practical solution that also allows you to easily integrate any VCL program with WhatsAPP (TWhatsAppBridges).
  It uses the package of components adapted/modified and developed with more functions by us for the connection between applications on the same computer or via TCP/IP.
  Ideal for implementing applications that use the WhatsApp network such as Support, Sales, Delivery, Notifications, Automated Service, integration with CRM, ERPS and API services from other platforms.
  CEF4Delphi : See GitHUB.

TInject: See all features of TInject Here, See TInject on the Telegram here. Contact Project Admin Mike Lustosa and see his courses and support plans. This component is "Open-source" and free, however it is not for Delphi beginners.
Link on-line Classes:


  It's not subscription, license... the code is yours! You get the code from TWhatsAppBridges and are supported for a year on any update to it.
  We support the code published in all demos.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Yes, we offer consultancy for adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
  We do not support the use of CEF4Delphi and Tinject components. Consult the original sources! Please don't insist!
Demo Video

$ 150,00 (USD)
Downloads Demo version has no source codes. Binaries only.
  Demo Install uniGUI RunTime and run uniGUIStarter in the CEF folder. See the Readme.txt file for more details. OR to run the DEMO, RUN DEMO.TXT.
  By purchasing this material you will be entitled to uniGUI WA Professional and uniGUI WA Center. See the description of these projects in the compressed PDF file in the package.
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