IP Cam Monitoring

Resources and Features
Allows integration between uniGUI showing video feed from IP cams. This is not as the same as HTML5 video. And is not the same as local USB cam feeds. RTSP is another protocol and does not run native in any browser. It uses FFMpeg util, widely adopted by the industry. Is a free solution and one of the few ones.
  It comes with free components to integrate in your project, the streaming utility we developed to convert RTSP to HTTP, Scan Local IP for RTSP Feed and all the libraries for you to expand this project in any way you want.
  With this uniGUI design you can easily monitor IP cameras. It can integrate with URLs from different cams and monitor in real time.
  This project took hundreds of hours to put together all the features that allow direct RTSP into a uniGUI project. This way you can monitor IP cameras from any address on the internet.
  It's not subscription, license... the code is yours! You get the code from TWhatsAppBridges and are supported for a year on any update to it.
  We support the code published in all demos.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Yes, we offer consultancy for adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
  This project is not recomended to RECORD ON DEMAND video feed. We recomend to use DVR hardware and graphic boards. This runs in BROWSER and not dedicated equipment ! Be aware !
  This project is not for monitoring multiscreen/ multi feed signals. You will need a lot more of programming to have this feature. Is a very hardware demanding task. Better use a DVR and get one feed from multi cams feeds.
Demo Video

  No need. Just run the projects.
$ 150,00 (USD)
Downloads Demo version has no source codes. Binaries only.
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