uniGUI Printer Server Solution
Main Goal:

A- Allows you to print directly from your uniGUI application to your local network printer or connected to your computers in your local environment (lase, inkjet, thermal, BT etc). By "directly", we mean the non-display of the Print Window provided by the browser and which prevents this direct operation.
B- Supports printers via IP (Ethernet and Wireless, it makes no difference), USB and BT, tested with these formats.
C- Components of this Software package:


1-uniGUI PrinterServer (UPS) - Application in VCL that monitors, receives, distributes and actually prints in the Windows local network environment (what we call "Realm"). This is an application that must be installed once on the local network where there may be several printers available for printing on the computer where it was installed or shared. It receives the print data from your unigui app online and sends it to the indicated printer, returning the status of the operation and managing all the "Realm" printers it is responsible for and returning this information in real time to your uniGUI APP.

2-uniGUI Printer Monitor (UPM) - Server-Side uniGUI App Service that monitors the print queue and allows integration with the uniGUI PP component (item 3) that publishes domains (realms). printers for each domain and transmits the print files to the UPS on demand. It does the Print Pool management operation between the uniGUI and the UPS Server. It is also made in uniGUI but in Windows Service format.
3-uniGUI Printer Pool (UPP) - Component that Monitors, notifies and retrieves the print queue generated by the user and your application. Allows you to notify the success of printing, reprint in case of error, consult print services, delete pending services or delete the entire queue for the print domain. This component is only needed to control the printers in the "realm" through the uniGUI interface. If you don't need this operation (as in the case of a POS), just save the print file in the UPM folder as indicated in the documentation.
UPS Package Concepts:

-Realm: The environment of the local network where the documents will be printed, are called "realms". Each "realm" has multiple printers, users with your app sessions, and computers serving shared and non-shared printers. There is only one UPS per "realm". The printer name identifies the uniGUI server's print redirection to the proper "realm". Imagine the "realm" as a company's office or the market with dozens of PDVS (or POS) or even service boxes with simple POS printers.

-Printers: Defined on the computer on the local network where the UPS will be installed. Printers can be locally connected via a port or network to this computer as long as they are accessible from it. These printers are part of the UPS "realm".

You can have several UPS on the same network but each with a different "REALM" name. These Realms will be listed in the UPP component for managing and configuring the printers in your final uniGUI APP. This makes it easy to replace unavailable equipment or redirect it to another. Example: Printer A in Realm(MainOffice) is offline or out of paper. Can direct printing to B of the same Realm. The important thing is that the user sees this status of the network printer in his unigui app and doesn't get lost trying to find where the print went that didn't go anywhere.

Each printer is reported by the uniGUI Server Realm (UPS) and passed on to the UPM, which in turn makes it available to the PPP.

The UPS (uniGUI Printer Server) with its own installer to facilitate the process. Install on your network server computer, configure and test the printers and Activate the UPM on the unigui server to start the service. All this process is simple and does not demand more network knowledge or complex configuration.

Scheme: UPS >-< UPM ->UPP
UPS manages your printers and notifies the UPM on your uniGUI server of this information. They are also available for management through the uniGUI interface via the UPP component. It lists the printers available by REALM and allows you to manage the print queue for the Realm where the UPS is.

Scheme: UPS >-< UPM
Just save your pdfs, report files in the folder of each Realm printer that UPM will notify and send to print. It doesn't need to interfere with anything in your uniGUI app's interface. In this case you are not notified whether the operation was successful or not. Ideal for POS where you already see the result immediately on the printer next to you.

Direct printing (printer connected directly or even computer with the uniGUI APP) and via UPS<->UPM is only 2 seconds for small files such as receipts, billings and invoices. Larger files such as reports, there may be an increase in time due to the download of the document and subsequent letter by the app to that file of a specific report format.

>>>>Support Delphi Report Components and Formats:
Due to legal and price issues, we don't directly embed the components' native file format but are printed by an external application in the same folder as the UPS. You can create your own to load the received report and directly print its format. For example: if you use ReportBuilder and your reports have specific features of it, generate the report in the print queue folder in uniGUI and it will be managed for the UPS server by the UPP component. On the UPS server, the correct application corresponding to ReportBuilder loads your report in report builder format and prints to the correct printer.

For QuickReport, ReportBuilder, FastReport and Fortes, you can generate your print file natively on them and UPS will do all the printing work without any headaches.

For RDPrint, you must create your print APP and place it in the UPS folder itself. Note that RDPrint allows printing on dot-matrix printers and has features very specific to older printers.

You can even use the direct command line format for expanded compatibility for any other component or lib as your own stuff.

PDF, Text, RAW (old printers) and Images formats do not need this intermediation being sent directly to printing. That is, if you are already used to saving your reports in PDF, you do not need to modify anything in your uniGUI APP, just saving in the correct for the UPM send it to "REALM" and the UPS to do the printing.

>>>>Price of Pre-Release Promotion
This entire solution for uniGUI will be available on 04/24/2022. We already have this solution in production since 2020 and we are in the final phase of documenting the UPP component and the UPM Service. It is already a solid solution and the only viable one for printing in a commercial environment for uniGUI. Note that they are the same concepts as ACBR for PDVs and POS and the only one that actually works in the environment for WEB apps (warning to Brazilians).

>Value: $180.00 with the sources of all modules (UPS, UPM and UPP). And support for 6 months. Pre-Release Promotion Valid thru 05/24*.
>Value: $200.00 with UPP sources. And support for 6 months. I don't have plans to release source-code of UPS e UPM in the future.

Accompanies example projects in uniGUI and VCL. Watch the UPS video. The other components (UPM and UPP) are not visible or UI components or APS. Is you don't have patiente do a pre-release promotion, wait few more day that we´ll be releasing a Trial Version. This promotion is only for those that trust our work want a big discount.

Para Brasileiros, Use o PIX e informe seu e-mail na notificação da operação.

Valor R$ 900,00

* We won't extend this promotion.