uniGUI Face Detection
Detects face from a video feed
(Device Cams)

Resources and Features
Two projects: Detect and show coordinates (Square) and Detect (Circle) and save snapshot of detected image in your temp folder.
  For Desktop and Mobile too.
  Detects Multiple Faces in the same feed.
  Mobile version also detects face and saves.
  Detects the face showing a frame or circle of the detected area.
  Ideal para identificação de pessoas ou controle de acesso.
  Lightweight, doesn't slow down in any browser.
  Takes a snapshot picture when detecting the ros and uploads it to the server automatically. It doesn't use upload component making the operation automatic and much more practical.
Detecta o rosto mostrando um frame ou circulo da área detectada.
  Ideal for people identification or access control.
  No hidden fee or extra costs.
  Need HTTPS for mobile use! Example already with self-signed certificates.
Demo Video

  All Projects w/ source code
Price $ 50,00 (USD)
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  Face Detection Snapshot
Face Detection with Auto Start and coordenates
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