CodeInjector Package
Delphi VCL, uniGUI & Intraweb

General Description

It has been a long way with uniGUI, Intraweb, PHP, JavaScript, CGIExpert and a lot of failed solutions. And by far , uniGUI is one of the bests solutions for those coming from Delphi/Pascal, until now. But something is really missing: a simple way to inject code in DOM/Browser session and get an alternative to use the huge number of projects available in Github, CodePen, JavaScripts Repositories and many, many more !

This package, CodeInjector, I have being improving for many years. First to VCL, to use in my SQL Queries, secondly to store string resources and have a pratical source of integration, and macro substitution. I'm think is a good start. And there are more to come !

I'm planing to expand the package to pratical memtables with JSon, LocalStorage and much more.

I don't like canned solution and bad adaptation. You get trapped in a project format or template design. With CodeInjector you will be really able to unleash all the power hidden in uniGUI. Welcome to the next step in WEB design and integration to access fantactic UI.

Code Injector will allow us, from Cetera Software Team, to make new components to uniGUI and a lot, I mean, really a lot of amazing examples to the community. Untill now we made more than 180 free projects of all sorts. And we can improve de velocity e variety of new projects with this package.

Enjoy it !

Component's List in CodeInjector Package

The persistent type of repository for a text with macro replacement capabilities. The string you store here is archived as string resource in your program and can be expanded (have macro-replacement performed) at any time. The expansion does not change the original string and is done by the ExpandMacros method that returns a new string after the appropriate replacement. Is possible to change the original text as it is stored as a resource in your program, it is very useful for SQL Code, JavaScript functions (eg use in VCL, uniGUI and Intraweb), customizing message texts, scripts for chats etc.

The main properties in this componentes are expanded to all the other componentes in this package.

Same as TciMacroStrInjector but with datasource link support. This way you can easily enable any third party html "component" from others frameworks to link to a table and display updated data or during navigation or query return in a simple and uncomplicated way in your code. No Ajax, no mess with Javascript... just regular table naviationo and update.
The persistent type of repository that allows storage together with your program but with divisions by sections that can be ordered by name. Very useful for application with huge SQL code, JavaScript libs, many HTML pages etc.
Inject it into your application as in conjunction with the previous Macro components but with more data handling power. You can easily integrate responsive admin templates into your database and present real-time updated data.

You can hide all code in this component and just expose at run time.
Allows the GET of a URL/File page and performe macro replacement as the data is get from a resource. Then, you may return the manipulated string for injectionwhere you want. Ideal for integrating your system with real-time feedback API like weather forecast, currency quotes, API consumption, page manipulation from other sources, etc, directly from an url. Good for Rest api or json manipulation.

This component allows reading a text file (any text format, html pages, css files, Javascript, Sql, csv etc) and load in its string property for macro expansion. Its function is for handling information from sources in memory but that phisically external to the application that need to be manipulated and injected into your code.

Retains the string in the component while app is running, but also allowing it to be saved with expanded macro, and allowing to combine macros gerenating a new version for the first file loaded. You might save the data expanded to a new file at local disk.

Imagine you can take a page, customize it with the replacement macro, and pass it to a uniHTMLFrame or uniURLFrame and respond to AJAX events through them.

Same as TciMacroStrInjector but to manipulate DOM elements in a browser document level. With this component you may manipulate on-the-fly single DOM component or elements in a HTML page and change its value without reload the whole page. Soon more examples using this component !


Resources and Features
Allows integration between VCL, uniGUI and Intraweb with string manipulation handling code in string format to inject in some tasks like scripts, html code, javascripts, strings resources, virtual tables etc,
  Fo uniGUI, this package can provide the possibilite to easy integration from any HTML template to your uniGUI interface even enabling to response to Datasource links to your DBs.
  Is pure VCL code that can work uninGUI , vcl and Intrasweb frameworks.
  Advanced macro substitution handling and easy to customize and modify during runtime allows a new world of possibilities to your projects.

You can easy integrate advance graphics package like AmCharts, AnyCharts, Teechart for Web, HighChars and any code to inject directly to your web interface or manipulate sql scripts, JavaScript Code like never before.

  It's not subscription, license... the code is yours! You get the sorce-code for CodeInjector package for all RADStudio XE10 - D11.1.
  Documentation available to all components in PDF and WEBHelp
  Demos of all componentes
  Demos of main features
  We support the code published in all demos.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  With 5 complete Dashboards available that you can easily adapta all or pick individual HTML componentes and re-use in your project (uniGUI or Intraweb). like never before.
  Includes complete package for AnyCharts, Amcharts, Teechart for Web, HighCharts and a lot of examples.
  Support via Ticket at our website.
  One year free updates.
  Yes, we offer consultancy for adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
Demo Videos
  Simple VCL Example showing macro integration with Datasource and expansion in text.
  This example shows how to inject data from a memtable and render a Google Graph Maps with the values from this table.
(click over image to enlarge and see animatioon).
  This Example show how use macro substitution using a datasource. The feature enables you to connect any visual html control or widget to your datasource
(click over image to enlarge and see animatioon).
  Same as the example above but using uniGUI framework. This Example show how use macro substitution using a datasource. The feature enables you to connect any visual html control or widget to your datasource
(click over image to enlarge and see animation).
  This example show how to insert "controls" in-the-fly from a table in memory. The same you can project with any data and any HTML template. You can expand the number of UI controls e set from uniGUI basic controls design. Any HTML templae can be used !
More demos anda examples are being produced in next few hours showing this nice features. You could make catalogs for shops or menus just updating your table and rendeing with this macro component. Could use nice CSS cards with anitmation.
(click over image to enlarge and see animation).
  This example got controls from as ADMIN DashBoard and update the values randomly. In this maner you could cutomize aney template improving you UI interface to you projects like never before. No need to use complicated CSS codes ou fight with alignments.
(click over image to enlarge and see animation).
  Simple title macro handling with highcharts. AmChart, AnyCharts and teechart for WEB is inclludes in this package.
(click over image to enlarge and see animation).
  A nice project from JOSETUX making a Kanban to-do list. Work with localstorage and is one of those new projects that only works with ciFileStrInjector. Is really easy to adapt this to your language, project and another resource you need a nice Kanban panel with all basic resources like save, export, customization, nice interface etc.

This is a project you can not do with just basic uniGUI component's but was very easy to adapt using Code Injector's component ciFileStrInjector.
(click over image to enlarge and see animation).
Help and Documentation
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