uniGUI and VCL - Automatic License Plate Recognition

Resources and Features
Uses OPEN CV / OPEN ALPR: The best license plate library in the world.
  Supports Brasil (Old Format and Mercosur new plates), United States (See OpenALPR*), Mercosur (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguai, Uruguai etc), Indian, European Zone, Vietnam, Korean etc
* very tricky because is not padronized at national level. Each state has a design / format.
  You can customize your parameters to your country format plate using OPEN ALPR tools or configuring similar formats (as Mercosur is to Euro format) already done.
uniGUI: Works in Desktop and Mobile with auto upload image to server. Much faster takeing a picture and uploading after. See demo videos below.
  In mobile, works with your Hi-RES Mobile Phone cam or my customized code to Low-Res close shot picture using rear cam and faster recognition. This feature you only find in this project !
Easy to capture, auto upload to server and get result !
  Easy to implement. No "bogus ocus, pokus" code.
  In VCL, example to read, use mask, ROI, batch image reading and ideal to automate images captured by traffic cams and tickets. This feature you only find in this project ! I've made a lot of improvements to the original codes.
  We support the code published by us.
  No third party components. All fonts included for Delphi/Pascal. Need OpenALPR DLL interface to Delphi and, APLR Librery, all included and with source-code.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a proposal.
  Although you can use live feed video to plate recognition, this is not the objective here. You will need a very powerful hardware and graphics cards to read video feed in realtime.
  You need an uniGUI license to use the uniGUI version.
  HTTPS connection required for use in your domain.
uniGUI Mobile Demo Video (w/ VO)

VCL Desktop Demo Video
Click image to see video
  Open ALPR GitHUB Repo and all source code provided to uniGUI and VCL
$ 200,00 USD
Try On-Line NOTE: Configured to Brazilian old plate format (still large uses). You can confi to Mercosur with the source code.
Questions ? Whats/Telegram 55-11-98620-7676
ou via chat main page .