PayPal Smart Buttons Component for uniGUI

Main points
Generates PayPal Smart Buttons "on the fly"
  Manages the data received from transaction and order number.
  Confirms if transaction was completed and accepedt by Paypal
Desktop and Mobile.
  This is all you need to activate payments via PayPal in your project.
  Enables Paypal Account, Credit and Debit Card transaction from all over the world (except.. you know...)
  It's not subscription, license... the code is yours!
  We support published code.
  No third party components. All fonts included for Delphi/Pascal
  No hidden costs or fees
  This component does not make batch payments, transfer etc.
  This component does not make multi-item payment. Only one item at a time.
  This component does not provide refund. Use Paypal API for this operation.
  In Brazil and other countries there are exception to currencies accepted and conversions. This has nothing to do with this component but may affects the way it behave. See PayPal documentation.
  You might configure your PayPal account to use Apps. Get info at PayPal Website.
  Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
Preço R$ 499,00 - Brasileiros, usem o PIX ou Paypal.

  Complete Source-code with two functional Demos Projects.
  Please, read PayPal Developer Documentation. We son't provide support to Paypal API or other resources byond the scope of this component.
  PayPal Developer WebSite Currency CODES
Try On-line
  Read QrCode Above and try in your mobile
$ 99,00 (USD) by Paypal
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or by chat at main site webpage