WhatsApp Multi Instances
uniGUI Video Chat Integration
(Your own live channel to your WA Contacts and multi instances manager)
WhatsApp Multi Instance
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uniGUI Videco Chat
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Whatsapp is becoming the ideal social platform for many countries in Asia, Europe and Latin America to integrate personnel and promote business in a solution that is gradually being integrated with different forms of payment, resources and innovations to carry out commerce.

However, one of its worst limitations is its integration with video conferencing and limitations both in terms of the number of participants and the integration resources to perform sales in video books.

In this project, we integrated the possibility of managing several Whatsapp sessions in the same application and opening video sessions between them using uniGUI and a powerful javascript LIB called Jetsi for this operation.

In this way, you can offer a product to your contacts, on your WA channels, and immediately invite them to participate in a video streaming promoted by you, showing your particular features. A great solution to have a third-party independent sales channel, server hosting or CloudServer contracting. Not even a domain is necessary.

Here is all the source code for the WhatsApp Multi Instance and uniGUI Video Chat projects. Integrate and modify as you wish. Below, see the main features and resources.

You can download a trial version and use in your WA. See link below.
Resources and Details
VCl MultiDocument Interface App allows Multi instances of WhatsApp Web Session in the same app. You can open many WA unique instances at the same time (Not repeated phones, of course) and manage many devices or WA accounts/profile in one place.
  Multi Instancecs make all things easier because professionals always have many WA accounts for their business, products and activities.
  Integrates with uniGUi Video Chat and you have your own platform to broadcast live streaming with all resources like sharing, files, images, and other features.
  With uniGUI Conference APP you can delegate the management of your groups or WA contacts while performing your video presentation. Your guests won't need to install another software (like happens with Zoom, Skype, etc) to enter you video chat room.
  You can even keep simultaneos video chat rooms open at the same time.
  All source code included to both application (Wa MultiInstantces and uniGUI Conference)
  Saves all previous loged session. No need to autentication via QrCode at every app initialization.
No dependecy of TInject or Whats4Delphi Components.
  No need to use JavaScript to make this project work. All pure Delphi-Pascal/unGUI code !
  No need to inject JS hacked code to make it work or depend on regular updates.

Only uses Chromium and Delphi Integration via Cef4Delphi.

  You don't nee a domain or cloud server to make it work !
  We support the code published for both applications.
  No other third party components. All fonts included for Delphi/Pascal.
  A pratical solution to virtual classes, products demonstration, sales tools etc.
  Easy to adapt code and embbed in you VCL/uniGUI projects.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
  Not available (Source code projects: 2 Apps)
USD 250.00
  Demo Unpack and run WAMultIinstances.exe. This is a trial version and only works for 10 mins for your evaluation.
    For uniGUI VideoChat, install unigui Runtime App (FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_runtime_1.90.0.1564.exe). Then, run uniGUIVC.exe.
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