uniGUI - Text Language Detection

Detect on-the-fly 100 languages in native format (latin, cyrilic, arabic, chinese etc).
  Pay Attention ! You might think that this is an easy task but this "little beast of code" can detect native text in their native alphabet format and sublanguages and returns all the code you need.
Got it ?
  By far, is the best and lightest JS lib to detect "as you type" or probe a small amount of text and get the info.
  Return Language's name (in english), Code Abreviation (initials) and IANA Numeric Code.
  This projects has a HTML pure format adapted to uniHTML Frame and uniGUI using native controls.
Very easy to modify and customize
  I re-coded all flags to respectives associated languages ( since that some countries you might have more than one language) like Canada and vice-versa (like Brazil and Portugal, EUA, AUS, NZ and England etc). You can change flags code to show your country, if you want. For instance, you can show the Ausie flag instead England.
  Flag's icons all proportional to real flags formats in png format.
  No third party components. All source-code included for Delphi/Pascal/uniGUI.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
  uniGUI project has more features since you can just search some text to get a result. Very easy to adapt to any project.
Demo Video

  Not available (Source code project)
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