Step Form Wizard / Builder for uniGUI
With the help of jQuery Step Form Wizard with Editor "Step Form Builder" you will have a powerful combination of 21 different styles, 8 different transition effects, validation in your form of interactive steps, titles and captions with several steps, even have a set preset form sizes from small to large. You can easily create and customize any form to suit your needs.
Main Goal:

This project allows the interactive creation of forms of different formats and designs with data validation and integration with your data application receiving the filled data.

There are hundreds of solutions on the market for this function. But with the modifications made by our team and adaptations for use with uniGUI allow you, in a few minutes, to put a form on the air with flexibility and customization to feed your database.
Ideal for polling, employee assessment, online tests, online knowledge assessments, interactive courses, registration forms, operational feedback forms, product support, customer service and anything else you can imagine.
With Step Form Builder you can in minutes publish a form on any website or just pass the URL hosted on your system and receive the data previously formatted and validated in JSon format to your DB. No redoing a system, recompiling, publishing, etc.
It comes with a "Step Form Builder" in PHP that can be easily installed and configured on any server with PHP support. In this tool you generate/create the form with the desired fields, export it to HTML and integrate it with the uniGUI project, which will receive the data filled in from this same form. This in a few minutes!
How it works:

With the Form Builder Editor you can generate forms (HTML pages) already adapted for integration with uniGUI. With our example uniGUI projects and you open these same form in the uniGUI project using uniURLHTML and display the form and collect the data at the end of filling in the JSon format as shown in the video we created below. Then you insert this data into your DB or manipulate it as you see fit.


Lots of design and function options: 18 sample form templates and 21 combined style.
Several configurable styles (vertical / Horizontal / Free). 8 Transition Effects.
Customizable for any language.
Complex forms: can have dozens of steps, return, forward, validate, etc.
  Steps numbered or not.
  Works with all CSS3 browsers.
  Easy to implement, customize and style.
  Fully responsive.
Data validation when filling.
Validação de dados ao preencher.
  More than 80 graphic elements (drag & drop) in the Form Builder.
User-friendly interface.
  Integration with uniGUI Desktop and Mobile (Stand alone or ISAPI)).
  All code is yours! No incidental fees.
  No extra DLLs.
  This version of jQuery Step Form Builder was purchased by us, updated and the editor's bugs removed! Integration with uniGUI was on our part. If you buy the version on EnvatoMarket it will not work, much less with uniGUI.
  Easy installation and configuration (In XAMPP, WAMP and IIS, if PHP support has been added)..
  Support for installation and configuration (In XAMPP and WAMP).
  We can do customization and adaptation to your DB. Consult us.
  Important: It is not a WordPress plugin!
  Yes, we offer consultancy to adapt any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
  You need a server with PHP support to generate the forms in the Form Builder that will be managed and will have the data manipulated by the uniGUI project. The same uniGUI project can handle many forms at the same time. It's up to your imagination.
  You don't need a project for each forms. It can be a uniGUI form server that feeds a DataBase.
Documentation and Disclaimers
  Follow complete documentation of the JQuery code.
  Demo Video working form in uniGUI receiving data
Click over to seea nimation
  See the Website Author's Form Builder
  See our new version updated and working on-line of Form Builder*
*At the videos above is the final result
$ 350,00(USD) - Initial Offer $99,00(USD)




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