QrCode and BarCode Reading with uniGUI
(Desktop and Mobile)

updated mar/2023
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Features and Characteristics
Example 1: QRCode (Simple and without using external components) New version !
Example 2: QrCodeBarcode (Uses uniGUIOS Components which is free and with fonts). It works with QRCode and BarCode reading in several formats including EAN. Several improvements and adaptations such as Vibration on Mobile and audible alert. New version !
Example 3: QrCodeBarCode EAN ( Same as example 2 plus reading the EAN Pictures API identifying the product image in real time) Several improvements and adaptations such as Vibration in Mobile and sound alert. New version !
All examples are functional.
  All code commented and clear.
Works on Desktop and Mobile (Important: we recommend using Mobile due to the autofocus feature which improves reading performance especially for BarCode)
uniGUI version Greater than x.x.1567. Will not work with previous versions due to use of some mobile component and recent improvements on them.
  Ideal to implement in ticket, products labels, prices etc.
Easy and Quick adaptation to your projects.
  It's not a subscription, a license to use... the code is yours!
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Support on the code published in this examples.
Conditions and recommendations
  It is necessary to use Security Certificate with SSL protocol.
  You can use Self Signed certificate on local networks in StandAlone mode. See the uniGUI manual!
  All use widely used and stable JavaScript libs.
  Basic knowledge of SSL and server configuration required to use ISAPI, if applicable.
  Use of free Ean Pictures API (for now) as a third-party service. Contact the author for further usage guarantees.
  We provide consulting (the part) to adapt to your project
Download DEMO - DOC Unnecessary: ​​Just adapt the code to your needs.
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