uniGUI - Micro WhatsApp Shop Orders

  Create a simple way to sell via Whatsapp and integrate with unigui backend
  Does not use third-party components
  Does not use TInject Component
  Does not use Whats4Delphi
  Does not use nodes.js/pupetter
  Pure HTML, JavaScript and uniGUI
  Responsive and mobile-ready
  2 Models (Beauty Saloon, Clothes Store)
  Data validated by JS code before sending
  Commented code in HTML and JS so you can make changes and adaptations easy.
  You can define any WA number to receive your clients's orders and proceed with the sale.
  It also sends the data via WhatsApp to you and you will receive confirmation at the time of ordering and can easily finalize directly with your customer by sending a payment link or bank deposit details, etc.
  Sends the whole order as JSon string to uniGUI so you can save iin youur DB or proceed with the sale.
  Speed up your biz and gains a lot in agility to server and provide goods to your clients.
  Good for quick sales in WA groups and broadcast lists, promotions or implement services for small entrepreneurs who do not need a complete online store who require time to configure, training, support, complex databases, catalog of many products, etc.
  Perfect for small biz and quick services booking via WhatsApp.
  Easy to adapt and modify - Just HTML and JS (and uniGUI, of course).
Very easy to modify and customize
  No third party components. All source-code included for Delphi/Pascal/uniGUI.
  No hidden costs or fees.
  Yes, we offer advice on adapting any of these examples to your systems. Contact us to receive a quote.
Demo Video

  Not available (Source code project)
$ 99.00 (USD) R$ 550,00 (BRL)
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