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This project uses the Webix JavaScript platform to integrate its complex Kanban component for uniGUI integration. In this way, in just a few minutes, you can integrate all the features of a professional kanban into your uniGUI/Delphi projects, reaching a level of professionalism that would not be possible with uniGUI or Webix alone. You will have the best of both worlds!

The big advantage here is connecting all management features with a lightweight and easy-to-configure interface supporting your database and user management for your Kanban Board projects using uniGUI features in terms of DB integration and session management.
If you don't know what a Kanban is see here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanban_(development) ). Along with a Scheduler, Diagrams and Gantt, they are essential features in every system of task delegation, assignment of roles in project management, execution and monitoring of personnel teams in companies. Imagine Trello (https://trello.com/), Bitrix (https://www.bitrix24.com.br) Monday (https://monday.com) and Jira (https://www.atlassian.com ), to name just a few.
A Kanban Board is one of the most important components for these activities in any company with team management in its activities, hence the great demand for it and dozens, maybe hundreds of online services using this resource.
Why Webix ?

Webix is a JavaScript platform or framework that uses many of the common Sencha Ext.JS concepts: modularity and integration-ready components. Concepts that, in fact, emerged with Delphi and expanded to the IT industry. However, its license is free for non-commercial use and its source code, along with hundreds of examples are available on GitHub (https://github.com/webix-hub/). In addition to dozens of repositories with more components and support material, it can be used without limitations for personal purposes and without financial gain.

But, before some programmers who don't know web development, Kanban is not something suitable for the mobile world. With a Kanban, the concept of a Task Board with a good area available for Immediate viewing and a glimpse of the project's progress is essential. Something that gets completely lost on a smaller cell phone screen. Not everything in the world is to be seen or managed on your cell phone, but nothing prevents you from making occasional adaptations to display some things on it as less of a part of the project. This is not contemplated here and never will be.
Kanban Webix resources that are present here in this project:
Basically all features of the original Kanban Board Webix are available in this project. The ones that weren't integrated with uniGUI or transformed into Delphi/Pascal functions are those that aren't relevant or haven't caught my attention in a functional way.
Features and Characteristics
  Support and easy integration to your favorite DB.
  Save (LocalStorage), Import, Export (uniGUI and JSon text file) and monitor Cards (tasks) in movements with autosave in two ways (localstorage and uniGUI via ajaxEvent) in each interaction or user modification of the session.
  User management by Kanban.
  Task management by user.
  Filters by user via avatar image.
  Search filter by card content.
  Creation of cards with user definition, priority and color.
  Creation of cards in status (columns) the way you want.
  Full drag and drop support between statuses (columns).
  Easy customization of actions such as: trigger send Whatsapp message, E-mail, remove, copy etc.
  Delphi/Pascal code all commented in English with the important points, tags and descriptions of the functions.
  JavaScript code all commented in English with the important and descriptive points of the functions.
  Several adaptations of the JavaScript code were developed by me and integrated into uniGUI to facilitate and speed up its integration.
  In addition, you have the complete Kanban Board Webix documentation with several examples and code snippets for your customization ( https://docs.webix.com/desktop__kanban_board.html ).
  This project, in its uniGUI part, already has the definition of tables in FDMemTable, which allows an easy and quick adaptation to your DBs and import of structure in them.
Conditions and Warnings

See official demos here: Kanban Demos

More Features and Customizations

  See on-line demo here
  We fully support the items highlighted above and their integration with uniGUI
  All use widely used and stable JavaScript libs.
  Basic knowledge of SSL and server configuration required to use ISAPI, if applicable.
  We do not provide support to Webix code. For support, you must purchase the license enabling this service directly from the Webix team. That's how they get paid for this job. Note that the license to use the entire basic Webix package is free. However, the more complex components can only be used for personal purposes. Act as your conscience dictates.
See GPL v3:http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-3.0.html
See more about the Webix license here: https://github.com/webix-hub/webix, https://webix.com/legalnote/license-exception/

What does the Webix license(s) mean in layman's terms:
- You CANNOT remove this Webix license or attribution notice from the source files
- You MAY modify the provided code in any way that does not conflict with the above statement
- You CAN use this library for any private project that you don't plan to share or sell
- You CAN use this lib for public projects BUT in that case you MUST share your project's full client source code if requested
- If you don't want to share fonts, you'll need to get a commercial license

TLDR; Use according to your conscience.


The amount charged here is for the adaptation of uniGUI to Webix components that took us months of research and learning Webix and converting/adapting to uniGUI.
Native webix material is freely available for download from the links indicated here (use the one on github !) or via CDN. We are not selling Webix or any of its licenses and support services. WE DO NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT TO WEBIX CODE/FRAMEWORK !

  However, a copy of the Webix 9.4 version accompanies this project to facilitate its ready compilation in RAD Studio of the complete Kanban Board for uniGUI. You can use CDN or redownload from GitHub. We do not make updates to this material automatically.
  Note that you can download the full codes of all JS demos directly from the Webix site or from Github as well. However this stuff has nothing to do with uniGUI and will not work with Kanban downloaded from there, as it doesn't use uniGUI or pascal.
  And most importantly, which I'll make clear from now on: If you don't have any experience with JavaScript, only know how to use VCL components and are starting in uniGUI or adapting legacy projects, please don't buy this material. No offense, but a lot of this has happened with simple things in our projects. And we will only create enmity and frustration. We do not guarantee that this material will meet all your needs or adapt to your projects as you imagine, BECAUSE WE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THEM IN ADVANCE!
  We provide consulting (request a quote ) to adapt uniGUI to your project
  Unnecessary: ​​Just adapt the code to your needs. All comments in english inside the code.
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